About Us

La Maison
Founded by Raleigh based interior designer Martha Schneider in 2014,
La Maison recognizes the importance of balancing sophistication, style, and function. In French, “la maison'' translates to “the home” and we believe the home should reflect personal tastes, lifestyles, and overall experiences while still remaining functional. When shopping at La Maison in North Hills, you’ll find luxury pieces with a sophisticated flair including accessories, furniture, lighting, artwork, and our custom pillow collection.
Trellis Floral

Trellis Floral
Welcome to Trellis, a place that transports you to somewhere special, whether it be the side streets of Paris, cobblestone roads of London, or a neighborhood in New York City. Trellis is a specialty floral boutique that offers beautiful and unique fresh flowers by the stem, hand-trimmed topiaries, and gorgeous flower arrangements. Located in the heart of North Hills, Trellis is just steps away from our sister store, La Maison.