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Residential Interior Design

La Maison is proud to be Raleigh’s leading residential interior design firm. For nearly two decades, we have partnered with homeowners and contractors to create designs that are not only beautiful, but also functional for daily life. We understand that every life stage presents different opportunities, so we approach each project with a blank slate to better understand your current needs in addition to future plans. This allows us to incorporate ideas and pieces that will grow with you and the space. From efficient layouts to durable fabrics, all details are important to create an amazing and livable space.

Throughout our tenure as an interior decorating business in Raleigh, we have built many lasting relationships with our clients and appreciate the longevity of those partnerships. Whether you are doing a space refresh or complex renovation, we work on projects of all sizes and transform spaces over time. No matter what the scope of the project entails, we add a fresh perspective that showcases the space in a different light.

At the start of any residential interior design project, we work to understand your goals and objectives for the space. Our team works through all the design components such as layout, fixtures, textures, colors, lighting and décor that will amplify the space. From there, we present options, edit and work closely with our clients to ensure the selections fit outlined objectives.

Commercial Interior Design 

In addition to our residential services, La Maison interiors also takes pride in assisting business owners in creating functional office spaces while sustaining an uncompromising style. We specialize in commercial interior design services for efficient and beautiful corporate spaces. With every project, we have one goal in mind: maximize utility while executing the creative vision our clients desire.

We start every project with a clean slate as we work reinvigorate your workspace. Our team works hard through strategic planning to select finishes, furnishings, fabrics, lighting, textures and accent elements that will not only make a dramatic statement, but also add to the usability of the space.

From retail spaces to large corporate office buildings, we know what it takes to implement space design while remaining unique to the business.

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